22 year old male falls off balcony (Panama City Beach, Florida)

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Nov 3, 2004
PANAMA CITY BEACH — A Kalamazoo, Mich. man died after he apparently slipped off a seventh story balcony Saturday night, beach police said Sunday. The events that led to 22-year-old Aaron Scott Thompson’s death began in the bar of the Holiday Inn at 11127 Front Beach Road. According to an incident report Thompson told his family members that he had been attacked by two strangers in the bathroom of the bar. Thompson and his group left the bar and went to their rooms but Thompson remained upset, got very loud and eventually became involved in a physical altercation with members of his family, the report states.

A security guard was called to the area and Thompson attempted to leave the scene by climbing down the railing on the seventh floor, according to an incident report and a follow up investigation. “A security guard asked him to stay and he took off,” Chief Robert Harding said. The security guard then heard “what he thought was a bag hitting the floor,” according to an incident report. Thompson fell from the seventh floor to the rooftop portion of the second floor, officials said. Thompson was retrieved from the roof by the fire department and transported to Bay Medical Center where he was pronounced dead, officials said. Foul play is not suspected in the death but the investigation is ongoing, Harding said. “On the surface it appears to be just an accidental death,” Harding said. “We will wait to see if the Medical Examiner comes up with something.”

Tampa man dies after falling from balcony | floor, guard, harding - WaltonSun.com
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