246T has toneout issues. Any ideas?

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Sep 24, 2005
Toronto, Canada
scanfan03 said:
No, it's the scanner, mine used to cut off during the middle of the tone out right after the second tone. I turned off dataskip and now it works fine.
Last night there was quite an intense fire call. It was a three alarm. During the fire fight, it was reported that there were two propane cylinders on the roof of the semi detached house were the fire was most intense. Several times during this call the alert tones were broadcast to inform the firefighters of the possibility of an explosion. The dispatcher broadcasted the alert tones, then hung up the radio, then got on the air and alerted the crew of the propane tanks. There was no missed verbal communication on my 246. The Captain wanted to crew to switch to "defensive". The tones were broadcasted again and the dispatcher announced all to go to "defensive". There was no missed communication on my 246 even though it was beyond my 2 sec delay, my scanner was on HOLD during this entire call which lasted about 45-60min. My fire dept is on Motorola trunk therefore dataskip, ctcss/dcs is not the culprit. It has to be the user implementing a two-step process 1) Broadcast the alert tones 2) Dispatch the call. The time between the two depends on the user ! Some are quick and well...some are not so quick.
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