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2nd Alarm house fire in Southern Anne Arundel County

Feb 16, 2016
Arnold, MD
Box Alarm 42-13, 6416 Bob White Ct, Dunkirk, MD (Dunkirk is the property listed address; actual location is closest to Friendship, MD)
First Alarm (Talkgroup Kilo):
E422, E411, E11, E21, Calvert E61, Calvert E21 (self-added)
Calvert TW1, PG TW845 (RIT)
Calvert RS5
BC3, BC4, Calvert Dep. Chief 5 (self-added), Calvert Chief 5 (self-added)
Calvert Tnk5, Tnk1, Calvert Tnk6
FM3 (self-added)

Water Supply Task Force (Talkgroup Mike):
E31, Water Supply 27, E402
Tnk3, Tnk40
FM862, FM867
Rehab1, CW4

Second Alarm (Talkgroup Lima):
PG E823, E351, PG E843, E71, PG RE827, E381, Calvert E11 (self-added)
TW40, T39
Shift Commander, BC35, PG BO887 (self-added)
Calvert A59 (replaced), Calvert A19 (replaced), M3
PG Tnk840, E84, E122
Brush 42
PIO7, CW1, AW1

Fire Alarm received multiple calls of the back half of the house on fire. Calvert County Deputy Chief 5 arrived with heavy fire Side C of the large 2 story home, advising defensive operations. E422 arrived shortly after and CCFRE DC5 requested a Water Supply Task Force and a second alarm after taking temporary command.

First alarm units were told to maintain a 1.5x length distance from the home as the entire Side C was fully involved. Side C collapsed and priority safety message was toned. Units ran out of water pretty quickly with at least one 2.5" line in service for 3 total in service. BC3 took command and planned to flow aerial once water was established. Once the 2nd alarm units arrived, all sides of the 4,000+ sqft. home had collapsed and Calvert TW1 was setting up to flow aerial. Extension to the woods occurred but only limited. Brush 42 was added to help with it.

Second alarm units were eventually put available; transfer crews came from Queen Anne's, Prince Georges, Anne Arundel stations 3, 26, 12, 27, and likely more that I didn't catch.