2nd Alarm in Anne Arundel County

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Feb 16, 2016
Arnold, MD
Since about 2 pm today, there have been multiple box alarm calls: one in the 28-07 for smoke on divisions 3 & 4 of the 5 story apartments; another unfounded one in Annapolis in the 8-07; a Still Box in the 33-06 for an appliance fire that was out prior to arrival.

Then, Fire Alarm dispatched a deck fire with extension to the 2 story home in the 19-20:
Box Alarm 19-20 (1646 Woodtree Court E, Arnold, MD) [TG F]
E191, E171, RE47 (RIT), E402
Q46, Q23
Rescue Squad 38
A199 (self-added)
EMS1 (self-added)
C19, C17 (both self-added)

A199 was responding to the call, reporting heavy smoke column. E191 & A199 arrived on scene with fire from the eaves. 2 lines were stretched and BC3 took Incident Command. As T39 was setting up roof access, BC3 requested the second alarm [TG G]:

E352, E361, E32, Queen Anne's E22 (added to the 2nd alarm while transferring to station 19), E84
T40 (in a truck instead of the Tower today), T36
FM861, FM862 (in place of originally dispatched FM763), FM867
BC2, BC35
M46, M17 (added later in support of rehab operations)
Safety 3
Air Wagon 1, Coffee Wagon 1, PIO 5 (in place of originally dispatched PIO 1), Rehab 1, Ground Support 14 (added later)
Operations Deputy, Shift Commander (both self-added)

By now, multiple lines were stretched and operating and BC3 requested a temporary evacuation. Priority safety message was transmitted for live electrical from an electrical box on Side C. M46 transported one firefighter for unknown injuries. The incident is still ongoing.

Extensive transfer was requested:
T31 > 40
RS11 > 19
E343 > 35
E311 > 47
Queen Anne's E92 > 8
PG E813 > 38
BCoFD E272 > 11
E122 > 23
BCFD T23 > 31
BCFD E58 > 31
M2 > 36
ME2 > 36
M6 > 40
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