325P2 DMR Setup Help

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Dec 19, 2002
Trying to program a simple UHF DMR System.

I have programmed the system frequencies in "Conventional" mode, with Audio type set to Digital. When it scans, I hear chunks of the conversation (very good quality and signal strength), but there are obviously chunks missing as if I am missing frequencies. There are three sites, with three frequencies each, and I have tried all nine (I live pretty far away from two of the sites). When I do hear something it is always on one of the freqs listed for the nearby site. I have searched all the FCC records, and even done a broad "search" for any active frequencies that might be in use that I do not know about. I have all the Color Code set to "search". I have also tried the mobile frequencies. The system is WQUK256.

When I load the system in as Mototrbo, is locks up fine, and I get repeatable talkgroups, but there are still the chunks of conversation missing. I have tried all combinations of LCN for the three frequencies. RR database lists it as DMR Tier 3, and I honestly don't know what, if anything, special I should do because of Tier 3.

But since I am missing portions of the conversation in conventional mode, I think my problem is somehow related to the frequencies I have used.

The 325P2 is new to me, and I wonder if there are any settings that I do not know about that might cause this behavior? There are various "delay" options for example..
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