396/996 Serial Protocol Upgrade Request - Tone Out Alert

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Dec 21, 2004
This message is intended for Upman.

I have a feature request that perhaps can make it into a firmware update. As a volunteer firefighter, I use the tone out feature extensively on the 396 for purposes of home automation and audio distribution. I am using a driver that supports the serial protocol to control the 396 from touchscreens throughout my residence via third-party home automation software.

Apparently, the 396 serial protocol allows data to pass for weather alerts by setting a "1" for an alert status and a "0" for non-alert status. However, there is no similar protocol element for a tone-out alert.

If the 396/996 protocol allowed for such data, the 396 could be used to trigger external sources via the serial protocol for fire tone outs. Examples would include turning on lights, opening the garage door, triggering an external relay, etc.

Any shot this can be upgraded somehow or at least submitted as a formal feature request? This could be quite useful.

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