396 performance - scan vs search and CC only vs. not...

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Dec 19, 2002
Supply (Lockwood Inlet area), NC
Has anyone considered the performance differences of the BCT-396?

I typically run in SEARCH mode and CC only mode on my local (primary) system. Although I run in search mode, I have most/all of the TGs for the system programmed and many that I don't care to hear locked out - either individually or by "bank" or "group" (i.e. all police in a "group" and that "group" of TGs locked out).

I've noticed many times that my BCD-296 stops on an active TG alot quicker than my 396.

Anyone have any comments on how to obtain the best performance? Does SCAN mode stop on a programmed TG faster than in SEARCH mode? (I assume that's a yes).

How about CC only mode verses CC only OFF (and all frequencies programmed)?

Anyone? Bueller?

EDIT: I've also noticed the radio gets quite a few "false hits" when in SCAN mode (radio stops on a conversation on the wrong TG; I saw this alot with my 296)...that seems to be related to running with CC Only turned off.... I just switched it back to CC Only to see if the false hits stop.
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