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Feb 18, 2001
Weston, FL/Swampscott MA
I'm back again with another question.

I've correctly programmed a number of frequencies in SO 1 on quick key 1. I've monitored them before.
None of the frequencies are locked out, yet when I press quick key 1, the asterisk disappears, the 1 appears and the Scan Mode Nothing to Scan message appears. When I press hold the first unlocked frequency appears as do all the others.

Have I done something wrong here?

Thanks again



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May 28, 2009
It is best to understand what happened with that quick-key!

When you assigned that "system" a quick-key of #1, when you go to scan, you toggle that whole system on and off by merely pressing the quick key you assigned.

It makes more sense when you have more than one "system" with it's own quick-key assigned - for example QK1 for Police, QK2 for the Fire system, QK3 for the Airband system, etc.

When you don't want to listen to the Fire system, you merely toggle that system off when scanning by pressing 2. Press 2 again, and the Fire system comes back.

What happened here is that you only had one system programmed, and when you toggle it off during a scan by hitting the 1 key, there were no other systems active at the time, so it complained loudly to you. :)

On a side note, don't confuse this with "group quick-keys", which allow even more fine-grained control. For the simplest of uses, you can live with only one group per system until your needs demand more groups.
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