396T P25 trunked queries

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Silent Key
Nov 21, 2005
I've not had much experience with the 396T and Motorola systems. I've a good deal of experience with EDACS though.

Visiting another state the last few days, scanning a P25 trunked system - and I've entered a few sites and largely able to scan them fine. Two queries have come up though:

1) is there any way to enter talkgroup 'wildcards' like you can with EDACS? For example, any TGIDs <10000 belong to a user who has ENC transmissions, and locking out these TGIDs on each site is somewhat laborious. I can either enter all TGIDs above 10000 and miss any new groups appearing, or lock out everything below 10000 and search TGID activity - and in the latter case, 'wildcard' entry would be very handy.

2) still on the same system, I've entered one site with its control channel correctly, set mode to AUTO and when scanning it never stops on this site - and if I hold on this site, the 396T says "Finding CTRL channel" - as if the frequency is not a valid control channel. But the signal is there and quite clean and strong. I tried entering the same data for this same site into a new 'system' and that one worked OK - but I can't find any difference in the programming of the system that does work versus the one that doesn't. Its no problem, I'll just delete the system that doesn't work, and use the reprogrammed one that does, but it just bugs me to not find out what or why when everything appears to be programmed correctly.

Oh bear in mind this is a Australian UBCD-396T which does not have the new "mark 2" firmware release series... but has the latest firmware available for us:
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