396xt -- Custom search Problem

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Feb 11, 2008
Port Lavaca Texas
I changed custom 3 with a search limint of 150MHZ - 160MHZ. The delay setting is set to 1 second. The modulation is set to Auto. The Attenuator is set to off. The Step is set to Auto. The C-Ch Only Mode is to Off. The set Audio AGC for Analog and digital are both off. P25 Waiting Time set to 400ms.

when I am scanning freqs. in that custom search i will not pick up anything, including my local police dept, sheriff ect.. Even when there talking i'll switch over to custom search and nothing. I tried going through the freq manually but it skips my police depts freq. which is 156.21750 it goes from 156.2150 to 156.2200. Even holding on freq 154.8150 no audio but when scanning picks up fine but nothing in custom search.

What settting can i change that would possiable allow me to pick up freqs in custom search.

The freqs that i am trying to pick are for Calhoun County Texas

Thanks any help would be awesome.
Not open for further replies.