3rd ALARM at Marion County School

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Jan 26, 2008
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Around 9:25 am, in Ocala, a fire call was dispatched for the smell of smoke in Building 2 and 5 at Greenway Elementary School located at 207 Midway Road, in Ocala. Midway Command post was established on the first alarm...

Command called all scene units to do a search for the source of the smoke, and to evacuate the students to a safehaven (another building indoors) due to the cold weather outside...

The evacuation and search for smoke has exhausted resources for the first arriving units, and Command has called a second alarm response at around 9:30 am. to continue a search for the smoke source, the roof's of all school buildings are being checked... nothing showing on the roof's at this time. HVAC units being looked at...

Command is calling for the PIO (Public Information Officer) at around 9:40 am... Command is also calling for the students to do an exterior evacuation due to smoke being smelled in various buildings attatched. Students asked to exit the safehaven area, directing them to the basketball courts area. School Board officials called to the scene. Unified Command is set up to include school officials and the MCSO...

Third alarm called for support as resources from the 1st and 2nd alarm response are being exhausted... at around 9:45 am Command notified that an adult has fallen during the evaluation process (maybe a teacher) at Building 1 and this is repoted as an OB patient, rescue alerted to respond to that incident at Building 1.

UNITS at scene are:

ENG. 16
ENG. 28
ENG. 18
ENG. 30
ENG. 24
ENG. 27
AIR 21

at 10:00 am Command reports that a power surge may have caused the smoke and electrical issue and units are still monitoring and searching for smoke. Zone Alarms are ringing in Buildings 2 and 5 on the anunciator panel, and thats where the smoke is noticed most. Command is now calling for a second scene channel (Fire Scene 2 channel) for incoming 3rd alarm units. Fire Scene 1 was being used as a primary scene channel.

FIRE SCENE 1 radio TGID is 1104 on the MCFR Trunked system
FIRE SCENE 2 radio TGID is 1105 on the MCFR Trunked system

at 10:10 am Command is giving the cafeteria personel authorization to re-enter the kitchens to begin student lunches, as that building is clear of smoke and ringing alarms. All portables (portable classrooms) appear clear of any Zone Alarms on the panels, and are being checked anyway due to the various buildings with ringing alarms. Command is hoping to bring students in from the cold asap...

Marion County School Board operates on TGID 1415 but has been quiet.

the search for electrical hazards and smoke continues with the help of the unified command and electric utility personel at 10:18 am. 3rd Alarm units are now arriving on scene and using Fire Scene 2 as the second scene channel on the MC trunk system.

at 10:25 am, scene units are begining to turn on lights in each building, and monitoring the situation... at 10: 30 am, students are being given the green lite to re-ent thier respective building. I am still monitoring this situation and will report only important information as it becomes available.

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