4-22-14 Warren County - Unidentifieds

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Jul 2, 2004
Latham, New York
Back on Tuesday 4/22/14 I took a day trip to Warren County and brought my receiver with me. I picked two spots to listen at; the first was at the Walmart in Queensbury and the second was the parking area just off I-87 exit 22 outside of Lake George Village. I'm looking for any assistance in helping identify some of these frequencies I came across...

Receiver - Uniden BCD396XT
Antenna - an older A/S MON-31 magnetic mount

154.540 CTCSS 88.5 - simplex, part of a drive thru window system (didn't bother listening long enough to find out which store) - Queensbury location only

155.085 CTCSS 218.1 - repeater output - I believe this is the BOCES repeater for the area. I get a lot of different CTCSS tone hits but never any actual conversations; it was the same thing this time

155.310 CTCSS 203.5 - simplex, very weak from the Lake George site only, sounded like highway crews talking

159.165 DCS 134 - repeater output - heard from the Lake George site only - it sounded like Vermont AOT crews. I thought they were primarily on 159.180 and 159.195. Any info would be great for this one...

160.110 CTCSS 100.0 - simplex, not a lot of good info heard but a strong signal in Queensbury

453.450 CTCSS 94.8 - repeater output and strong signal - highway crews?

463.1125 DCS 223 - constant carrier - heard from both locations. Sat on it for several minutes but never heard any audio.

463.375 CTCSS 118.8 - repeater output - garbage trucks in Vermont?

467.875 CTCSS 192.8 - simplex, sounded like a store operation (Queensbury location only)

An interesting one...

154.860 CTCSS 167.9 - very strong from the Lake George site. It sounded like a simulcast of the WCSO 154.725 traffic. I know this is a car to car or tactical channel for the WCSO but with a CTCSS tone of 110.9, so I'm not exactly sure what I was hearing, whether it was an image of that or a special base station / relay set up in Lake George?
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