40' Tilt over update

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Jan 27, 2006
Melbourne VK
A great inspiration to many

Your work is excellent! Thanks for the great photo's and for sharing your work with the forums. I have saved your pics for later referral when I get around to putting up a decent mast system- hope you do not mind. Your installation is a great example of how it should be done.
I really like the rotator with the LPDA and 800 Yagi. I use an 11 element 800Mhz Yagi permanently pointed toward the city trunked repeaters for rock solid reception.

A good friend of mine has recently purchased a small workshop lathe and bench grinder so we can cook up all sorts of antenna projects!

Once again- the mast is awesome- and yeah, the Maple Leaf is a great touch!

Regards, Commscanaus.


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Dec 19, 2002
Central Ontario
K8PBX said:
Really nice construction and cabling work Ron. Everything is done very professional and clean. Please let us know how the antennas perform.

Just wondering about a common ground point for all the antenna shields. Do you have some sort of grounding bulkhead inside the utility box on the house, or you doing that elsewhere?

Thanks for everyones great comments I have enjoyed showing everyone. I am surprised how many people have PM'd telling me that they are going to build one and that is great to hear.

Steve a question for you? I am curious on what you use for a grounding bulkhead, any preference or tips?
I am thinking of grounding the cables inside and just trying to get some idea on what people are using.
Take care and thanks again everyone!!:D
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