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45th Parallel Emergency Medical Services

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Apr 17, 2005
Central NH
Apparently there will be a new EMS service for Northeastern Essex County (VT) and Western Coos County (NH) effective July 1st 2008. It will eliminate the existing seperate services and combine them into one centralized facility. The proposal includes purchasing the Pittsburg (NH) ambulance with the Upper Connecticut Valley Hospital (Colebrook NH) donating their three ambulances as well as handing over cash reserves to the new service. They are trying to locate a facility or land to build a facility in the Colebrook area to house the service. The Vermont towns of Lemington & Bloomfield have appropriated funds for the service. I'm unable to confirm Canaan's status at this time. I would be surprised if they weren't dispatched by Colebrook on 155.055.
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