4th Alarm Fire Salisbury, Rowan County

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Nov 23, 2005
Rowan County, NC
A fourth alarm fire in Salisbury at the Lyerly Funeral Home on South Main Street brought approximately 70 fire fighters to the scence from about 12 county and city departments. The fire started in the rear of the complex with heavy smoke conditions present when the first due quint arrived. After about 30 minutes into the incident, the city of Salisbury's water pressure dropped hampering the firemen's efforts. Crews have been in defensive mode since command was established.

The funeral home is a single-story brick veneer structure with a basement. Crews have an aerial ladder up in operation as well as several handlines and 5" supply lines in place. City streets are closed within a three block radius of the incident. Rowan Emergency Management and Salisbury Loss Prevention representatives are also on the scene. Rowan Rescue Squad was called to the scene to provide rehab and oxygen tank refills.

You can find more details and a short video on the Salisbury Post website.

Monitor the operations on Rowan TRS City Fire Dispatch and OPS 1,2,3,4 and 5.
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