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Oct 22, 2008
Phoenix, AZ
First and foremost Thanks for taking the time to read my inquiry. I apologize if I have posted in the wrong area.

My web design experience is somewhat limited, but I've been able to get by (until now) with what I know.

For the past 2 years, I have ran and maintained a website that streams 5 police scanner feeds from my city. The feeds were all on the same page and could all be ran simultaneously. I used the Windows media player html embed code. Unfortunately, last week, the company hosting my streams closed its doors and I was forced to buy hosting for my 5 separate feeds elsewhere. My previous provider was an icecast server, whereas my new provider is Shoutcast. I have configured all 5 shoutcast feeds, and all are running and connected fine.

Here's the problem eerrr problems...

when I simply changed the code to reflect the new URLS to the feeds, only 2 feeds could be played simultaneously. The other 3 feeds just sat idle.

I figured, no biggie, I've been wanting to steer away from WMP anyways to better accommodate MAC users who complained they were unable to load the WMPlayers.

Plan B: When I tried embedding RealPlayers, that didnt work either. The page showed 5 RealPlayers, but clicking play on one player activates all 5, but only 1 stream plays...also on all 5.

Plan C: I tried many of the numerous free Flash MP3 players. Again, no luck. They sure do look nice and are uber user friendly, but none seem to play my stream at all. I read in one place that most of these flash players do not recognize urls like mine (URL submitted by user.)which is server address followed by colon and port number.

Plan D: Refrain from throwing the keyboard out the window and kicking my foot through the PC tower. I even tried using Iframes that pointed to a separate webpage that contained a single RealPlayer embed code. They still did the same thing they did in Plan B. Needless to say, my foot hurts.

Can someone PLEASE point me in the right direction and be easy on me? What am I doing wrong? Its what I am trying to accomplish even possible?
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