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50 Mhz Canadian Weather Radio Heard

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Jul 10, 2006
Carteret County NC

on 12 july 06 at 2245z - 2255z on 50.012 Mhz USB (!!!) during a 6 meter band opening from eastern Canada into North Carolina, there was a Canadian Weather Radio station transmitting weather broadcasts in English and French (much the same as our NOAA Weather Radio on 162 Mhz in the USA)....there was no ID....any guesses ???

my initial guess was a VE six meter beacon operator experimenting by retransmitting the weather audio.....but this is the CW portion of the band here in the US, don't know if that mode restriction holds true in Canada ????

wonder if any of you local guys have heard it ??? any clues ???

( the VA2ZFN/B beacon from FN 08 on 50.006 was coming in at the same time, but had different signal strengths and fading characteristics)

thanks !!

Carteret County North Carolina USA


In Canada 50.0 to 50.6 is used by Narrow band modes, (SSB, AM)

and within that, there is a "subsection" from 50.0 to 50.050 that is intended to be used by CW/Beacons/and Moonbounce....

As far as restrictions, we don't have any real ones in Canada, I could legally transmit FM in the middle of the CW portion of the bands if I wanted, there is no band plan we are legally bound to, but the Radio Amateurs of Canada do have a band plan that is followed by a Gentlemens Agreement by all hammy's...
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