536hp bad bnc connection on radio

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Jun 22, 2007
Tampa Bay Florida
This is a follow up to my issue I have with the bnc connection being intermittent on my 536hp.

My last fix for this was to take some needle nose pliars and gently squeeze the white dialect to make the hole for the ant pin smaller. This worked for awhile but not real well because the dielectric is made of a spongy material and even if I didn't touch the ant would gradually expand back to its original size thereby causing the problem to occur again.

So now what I have done is this...I took a small piece of aluminum foil wrapped around a jewelry screwdriver this made a small cocoon of foil which I placed on the male pin of the bnc.
I gently placed the ant back into the scanner and presto it now works.

I am using the rs 800mhz ant with the right angle bnc.

You will know your radio has this problem by taking your rs 800mhz ant and moving it right and then left while on your scanner and if the signal remains strong your good, if it suddenly cuts out or sound scratchy as you move it you have the same problem I have and trust me it will get worse.

I really don't want to send it into Uniden for this because they will likely put the same bnc connector on the radio and the problem will resurface.

Why Uniden put such a cheap bnc connector on this radio is beyond me to save a few cents....
With no ant connection the radio is useless.

I can of course change the bnc connector for a new better one but this would void the warranty.

So for anyone else having this problem this fix so far is working.
I believe this is going to be a wide spread problem with these units in the future people will be sending there scanner in because it no longer receives anything.....before you send it to Uniden try what I have suggested.

By the way love this radio except for the bnc connector lol.

Hope this helps .

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