536HP - Can Minimized Trunk System Freq List Reduce Processor Load?

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May 3, 2003
Still looking for ways to minimize resource utilization to (hopefully) improve signal capture while scanning.

A large trunk system here has lots of frequencies.

This is SD-RCS (470F) - a Motorola Type II SmartZone system with analog and P25 voice calls.

In this system, only one frequency is used as the CC for 99% of the time.

So, is anything gained by entering only this single frequency in the system frequency list?

I have already placed this CC frequency at the top of the list - so, presumably, that's the first stop when the scanner jumps back looking for the CC after a voice transmission ends.

That used to be the case for the Ts and XTs. Does it still work like that for the x36HPs?

If there is a chance this model *doesn't* start at the top of the list, then clearly something might be gained by entering only the single CC frequency in the list.

Does 470F broadcast the voice frequency itself or just an LCN (like EDACS systems)?

If just an LCN, then either the s/w has to calculate the voice frequency based on the band plan, or else refer to an LCN / Frequency map to obtain the voice frequency.

Can the 536HP use a complete system frequency list as a map to obtain voice frequencies for system 470F (if it needs to)?

If so, then entering all the system frequencies in ascending order would seem to be worthwhile.

My guess is entering the CC frequency(s) at the top of the list is the way to go.

Thanks for helping me sort this 'once and for all' for the new x36HP models.

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