7.790 Angeles Verdes Mexicos Road Assistance

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Mar 19, 2010
los angeles
For anyone interested in moniotoring our neighbors south of the border 7.790 usb is the frequency used by the "Angeles Verdes" green angels. This is a government funded highway service patrol that helps stranded motorist. They also assist during weather emergencies and accidents. 7.790 usb is their primar voice frequency. Mobile units use a Hustler 40m super resonator in a tilted configuration for NVIS propagation. Base stations have a dipole. In Los Angeles I can easily receive the base stations from Mazatlan, Hermosillo, Guadalajara, and Mexico City. In regards to the mobile units I have been able to receive many depending on their location and terrain. Some of the strong mobile signals are from the states of Sonora, Jalisco and S. Baja California. All comms are in Spanish. Base stations identify with a number.
Ensenada Base is 12
Hermosillo Base is 10
Mobile units have a 3 digit identifier with the letter R. For example R-375, R-423, etc
Many mobile units usually report when they are in a campground. I will be taking a trip down south soon. I'm going to see If I can find out what kind of radios they are using. The vehicles are all Ford F-150 Pick up trucks. They also have a vhf freq but dont know what it is. location.
Location: los angeles
Toys: AOR 7030+
Alpha Delta Dx Ultra
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