800 MHz Conventional frequencies

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Sep 17, 2004
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At the last group meeting Jerry mentioned that there are active 800 MHz conventional repeaters at Little Sahara, Summit County, and elsewhere n the state. He hasn't answered my requests for specifics, but I looked up potential frequencies in the FCC database. The SCIP document lists the I-Call frequencies (with inputs 45 MHz lower), and the FCC gives a second pair of output/input frequencies for each license that I've listed as I-Rptr (maybe rebanding here too?). I'd appreciate help listening for these frequencies to see if the repeaters exist, what tones they use, what they are used for, etc. Thanks. -Tim

Frequency Type Location (County)
867.5125 I-Call Abajo Peak (San Juan)
852.5125 I-Rptr Abajo Peak (San Juan)
852.5125 I-Rptr Asphalt Ridge (Uintah)
867.5125 I-Call Asphalt Ridge (Uintah)
851.5125 I-Rptr Bald Mesa (Grand)
866.5125 I-Call Bald Mesa (Grand)
851.5125 I-Rptr Bald Mtn (Summit)
866.5125 I-Call Bald Mtn (Summit)
853.0125 I-Rptr Barney Top (Garfield)
868.0125 I-Call Barney Top (Garfield)
851.5125 I-Rptr Cedar Mtn (Emery)
866.5125 I-Call Cedar Mtn (Emery)
852.5125 I-Rptr Daniels Canyon (Wasatch)
867.5125 I-Call Daniels Canyon (Wasatch)
851.0125 I-Rptr Dutch John (Daggett)
866.0125 I-Call Dutch John (Daggett)
852.5125 I-Rptr Ford Ridge (Carbon)
867.5125 I-Call Ford Ridge (Carbon)
852.0125 I-Rptr Frisco Peak (Beaver)
867.0125 I-Call Frisco Peak (Beaver)
852.0125 I-Rptr Green River (Grand)
867.0125 I-Call Green River (Grand)
852.0125 I-Rptr Grizzly Ridge (Uintah)
867.0125 I-Call Grizzly Ridge (Uintah)
853.0125 I-Rptr Humpy Peak (Summit)
868.0125 I-Call Humpy Peak (Summit)
853.0125 I-Rptr Little Mtn (Uintah)
868.0125 I-Call Little Mtn (Uintah)
851.0125 I-Rptr Little Sahara (Juab)
866.0125 I-Call Little Sahara (Juab)
851.5125 I-Rptr Logan Peak (Cache)
866.5125 I-Call Logan Peak (Cache)
853.0125 I-Rptr Monroe Peak (Sevier)
868.0125 I-Call Monroe Peak (Sevier)
851.0125 I-Rptr Red Spur (Rich)
866.0125 I-Call Red Spur (Rich)
866.5125 I-Call Salt Lake City (Salt Lake)
852.0125 I-Rptr Scott Hill (Salt Lake)
867.0125 I-Call Scott Hill (Salt Lake)
851.0125 I-Rptr St. George (Washington)
866.0125 I-Call St. George (Washington)
852.0125 I-Rptr Steamboat Mtn (Duchesne)
867.0125 I-Call Steamboat Mtn (Duchesne)
851.0125 I-Rptr Tabiona (Duchesne)
866.0125 I-Call Tabiona (Duchesne)
851.5125 I-Rptr U of U (Salt Lake)
866.5125 I-Call U of U (Salt Lake)
851.5125 I-Rptr Utah Hill (Washington)
866.5125 I-Call Utah Hill (Washington)
852.5125 I-Rptr West Mountain (Utah)
867.5125 I-Call West Mountain (Utah)

That's ten frequencies in all:
866.0125, 866.5125, 867.0125, 867.5125, 868.0125 (current I-Calls)
851.0125, 851.5125, 852.0125, 852.5125, 853.0125 (rebanded versions?)
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Mar 20, 2006
Use the following link


to see a map of the 800 Conventional freq towers. They are still being called by their old name (national 1 and so on) but they are referenced here on RR from old to new in the Wiki.

Also, their use is described by UCAN as the following:

In an effort to provide an 800 MHz user communication options when they are outside of the trunked system there have been a number of convention repeaters installed at various locations around the State. The current coverage is spotty but will be improving as budgets permit.

The channel's are for the most part, National Mutual Aid Repeaters 1 thru 5. There are a few exceptions that are noted on the maps and list's provided. The associated Dispatch Centers are noted in the text boxes next to the Site locations on the maps. There are some sites that were installed primarily for testing or for a specific agency need and are not associated with a dispatch center at this time. There are other sites that are marked “Pending” which should be up and functioning in early 2006.


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Sep 17, 2004
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Thanks fastattackus. That's great information! Too bad the location table doesn't list tones...or maybe these repeaters don't use tones. -Tim
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