800 MHz Tropo Loggings from Cape Cod, MA

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Oct 27, 2002
Marstons Mills, Cape Cod, Massachusetts
Tonight has been an astounding night for 800 MHz DX from my neck of the woods. Using my IC-R8500 and IC-R2500 receivers both connected to an Antennacraft Scantenna, and in conjunction with UniTrunker, I was able to confirm the following systems:

859.9375 Sysid 0A02, NYC DOITT TRS in NY City CC
860.4125 Sysid 0E0A NY Transit Authority TRS in NY City CC
859.4625 Sysid 0D14 MA State Police Zone 13 (Brimfield) CC
858.7625 Sysid 7431 East Hampton, Suffolk County NY TRS CC
858.3875 Sysid BB31 NJ Transit System (South) CC
859.7625 Sysid 7F30 Atlantic City NJ TRS CC
860.9375 Sysid B106 New Jersey State Police Troop A (South) CC

And the marquis logging of the night:

868.5875 Sysid 583A State of Delaware Zone 3 TRS CC

Conditions on VHF-HI were very good too. I never even made it to UHF. Great conditions here along the ocean in the Northeast US.


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Mar 22, 2005
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Hi guys,

Actually no, tropo is fairly common at microwave frequencies and is the cause of false radar echoes so mariners have to be fairly adept at reading the scope. I slept through much of it, kinda tired last evening but I woke around midnight to find a message in my packet radio mail box from a station in Connecticut. He was live at the keyboard when I connected to reply and we had a nice K2K QSO and then went to FM simplex. 150 miles direct ain't too bad and signals were very strong. He mentioned that UHF was open but after scanning the bands I found everybody asleep so here I am. (;->)

I first noticed the opening in late afternoon as the warm moist air started up the coast, going to be hot and muggy by morning and the bands may just still be open when drive time starts so maybe I'll catch some repeaters. What I noticed on the air was first marine channel 16 (my favorite indicator) started hopping with USCG bulletins up and down the coast and I had to lock out the Lakehurst (NJ) NAS tower because some aviation weather broadcast from Mass is banging in. I'll bet the Navy isn't too pleased.

Happy scanning guys, summer ain't through yet, but while you're listening I'll be talking. (;->)
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