9/23/2011 Takoma Park Event

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Jan 8, 2011
Montgomery County MD
Did anyone catch last night's major event in Takoma Park - ~12:30-1:00 a.m. start time? I couldn't get all of the transmission because I don't yet own a scanner and am limited to the online feeds, but it involved the suspect of an armed carjacking and robbery.

The event went ended on 13th and Erske, near New Hampshire and University. It started as a short inaudible feed from one officer, then a requested 10-9 (x2), followed by the shift Sgt. demanding immediate response. It was pretty amazing all the units that responded. Silver Spring sent 5-8 units, K-9, they arrested at least one person at gun point.

i missed a lot of the middle transmissions because of the interruptions by other TGIDs, so I am wondering if anyone can point me to an online recording of this event, if any. Any further info readers of this forum might have, that were also listening last night, would be appreciated. I can't find any news stories on it.
Not open for further replies.