'98 Jeep Grand Cherokee

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Oct 21, 2005
Wethersfield, CT
I finally got around to taking some pictures of my mobile set up. It's not much, but it gets the job done. The scanner is a Uniden BC350C. It was easy to mount with the supplied bracket. I just have to be careful that people don't move the passenger seat up. I also have a Uniden 20watt external speaker. I got lucky with the speaker. It fits perfectly in front of the shifter. I didn't have to drill any holes to mount it, just used some mounting foam.
I use two antennas right now. I have the window mount that came with the scanner that I use for UHF and VHF. It works fairly well and is mounted in the paneling behind the passenger side A post. The second antenna came with the car. It's designed for cell phones. PD in my town is on 800mHz so it works great for them. I want to get a new antennna for UHF and VHF. I'll mount it either on the hood in front of the AM/FM antenna via the trunk lip mount, or on the roof rack. Anyone have any suggestions? The antenna I'm looking at can be found here:
I know its not going to be good at the Austin Spectra but I'm not willing to spend that much. Has anyone had any experience with that antenna?

Link to the pictures:


I had to use webshots because I didn't know how to drop the file size so that RR would allow them...
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