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996 Question Re USAD Software Using

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Dec 15, 2004
Boston, MA

All this is pretty new to me, so please bear with me.

Basic Question on the Uniden USAD Software:

Scanner View is, of course, an up-load of what's in the scanner presently.

When I go to Scanner Configuration, a single File shows up
that is labeled: Preload BCD996T

Am I correct that this file has nothing to do with what's in the
scanner presently.
Correct ?

But, it only gives you an opportunity to-
a. re-load all the defaults that came with the unit originally, or
b. Modify this file, save it under a new name, and re-load it to scanner.
Is this correct ?

This file seems to have many more user-friendly screens that I cannot
find in the Scanner View upload,or the options presented.

What's the best way to modify what's in the scanner now ?

Is it "best" to just use "Preload BCD996T" file, modify it, save it
under a new name, and then load into scanner ?

Or, use the Uploaded File (the screens for which don't seem to be as straightforward)
Either ? What's best, anmd easiest ?

BTW: saw several mentions to leave Data Skip off.
Seems like this would be a good thing to leave on.
What are the pros and cons for having it on ?

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