996T Console mounting tip!

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Mar 12, 2003
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Anyone console mounting? Here's a cool tip:

I was eyeballin one of our older Motorola Spectra setups we have rigged as a base station and I said to myself..."damn that Spectra looks like it has the same dimensions as my fancy new scanner." A little ruler action and it's close, as long as you're going for a DIN mount.

Any faceplate for a Motorola Spectra is perfect for the 996T if you don't mind not having a flush mount.

I found the Troy model (FP-SPCTR(S)) on eBay (a guy in Phoenix is selling a truckload for $10.00 ea) and it's great.

Remove the 996T black cover with the four screws on the back, as if you were DIN mounting it. The unit drops into the faceplace, AND the mounting holes line up spiffy on the sides. You'll need (4) M4X10 machine screws and (4) M4 fender washers (yes they make 'em!)

Again it isn't flush mount, so the radio sticks up a bit but I got used to it real quick for $20.00 total and a 12 minute replacement procedure for the 796D!

The Ebay guy is Q.T. Antiques - I'm not sure if one can post URLs here so I won't, but he has like 5 more for sale. It arrived in a day, and was brand spankin new.
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