996XT Virtual Control Monitoring

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Nov 9, 2002
Prince George, Virginia--Central Va.
The Butel thread has been archived so I thought I would pass along something neat I discovered today by accident. I have both the Butel 996T and 996XT software. The Virtual Control feature has been removed from the 996XT basic software package. It is available only in the 996XT Pro software package which I did not need and was not aware at purchase time that the Virtual Control feature no longer was in the basic software package. I missed this feature when using my 996XT. Today I programed another 996T scanner for a new owner. When finished I reconnected the RS232 connector to my 996XT instead of my 996T which also was scanning. My 996T software was running and I selected "Virtual Control" and noticed some XT files I had selected for scanning displayed.

So, FYI if you have the basic Butel 996T software and also a 996XT scanner connect the RS232 cable; select "Virtual Control" and it will work fine. Remember attempting to download or upload files to the 996XT using 996T software or vice versa is a big no-no. A program error message will display. If so check your RS232 cable connections. This configuration only is for viewing Virtual Control scan displays of 996XT files using 996T basic software. Do not attempt to make any changes to the Virtual Display screen functions.
Not open for further replies.