A cautionary tale of location-based scanning

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Hey folks,
I just diagnosed an issue with a fellow in NL who was having trouble getting his new BCD536HP to receive. He put in his "old" postal code starting with A0E as the "new" one (A5A IIRC) isn't in the system. He wasn't receiving RCMP, and I think the reason why is because of where Uniden believes the center of the A0E postal code is. (Uniden only uses the first three digits of Canadian postal codes.)

Uniden's table of lookup for Canadian postal codes puts "A0E" almost in the middle of the Marystown airport. Now I have family in Swift Current (about 30km off the TCH on the 210), and their postal code also starts with A0E. This person was even further up the TCH near the 230. Check out this map to see why entering that postal code in your scanner will be completely useless. Your scanner will think it's near Marystown, and will consider all the stuff where you really are, "out of range".

The solution, unless/until Uniden improves their Canadian postal code directory, is either to use a GPS, use your town name, or use Google Maps to get your latitude and longitude. If you zoom in on your actual real location in Google Maps, you'll notice the URL in the address bar on your browser keeps changing. The numbers represent the center of the map. So if you zoom in and get a URL like this:


the value you want to put into Sentinel or the scanner is 47.8792584 for latitude and -54.2034986 for longitude.

Just thought I'd toss this out here in case other folks are having similar issues.


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Oh it's a problem here in Nova Scotia as well. There's at least one missing postal code that I bugged UPMan about for literally months before I gave up - I don't remember what postal code, but I think it covered somewhere in the Waverley or Enfield area.

Also some postal codes here in NS, as in NL cover very large and in at least one case, totally separated swaths of land. B0J for instance covers a good portion of the eastern shore Halifax and part of Guysborough counties, as well as the south shore Lunenburg County. http://goo.gl/maps/PthkE

The later of course is Canada Post's doing, but the former is definitely a Uniden problem. Like I said I eventually gave up on it.


Encountered this issue myself the day I first turned on my Homepatrol. Had to get GPS cords and use that.

Eventually I just made my own lists and modified their range.
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