A couple of finds on the 668/PSR upgrade

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Jul 22, 2004
1. After doing the upgrade and not being satisfied, I loaded the program with the SD card IN the scanner and plugged the scanner into the PC. Slower, but I suspect that some default setting were changed from the old firmware because now they work better.

2. At least here, a higher squelch setting gives better results. In fact, when one radio was hearing a strong repeater and the other nothing, increasing the squelch brought it in. I think I saw something posted about this in regards to DMR someplace.

3. You can find and program local DMR frequencies here:

Digital Frequency Quick Import

You get a format that can be imported directly into EZ scan, be sure to follow the import directions. Some of these may not be on RR, or maybe I just did not drill down deep enough, but for me, a bunch of them are local and live.
Not open for further replies.