A Few PSR Questions Unfound On search

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Nov 27, 2006
Paragould/Greene County AR
I have searched with no luck, So I"m going to ask a few questions here... Maybe someone can answer and help...

1) Why is it that you can never get 100% signal on data channels on P25 systems.. I passed right under three P25 statewide towers today and the most it would show was 99%.. Is there a reason for this?

2) I am monitoring the Arkansas AWIN system, I don't know how familiar you guys are with it but I figured for a more direct answer here....since this would apply to ALL P25 systems in general.. So, When monitoring a P25 system, Do you have to be picking up the Data Channels in order to hear someone talk or is that just for data trunking, In lamens terms, Do I have to have the T on the screen to pick up something because I had periods tonight where I had STRONG signal strength but NO T or data channel..Is that possible, If not, Why would I have signal without the T? Any one have any answers or helpful hints on this?

Any help on either question would be much appreciated...Thanks!
Not open for further replies.