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May 7, 2010
Cornwall UK
Am new to the boards and to scanning seriously, I have been useing an old Realistic Pro for many years but now decided to treat myself.

I live down in South Cornwall, UK, a stones throw from RNAS Culdrose, and a few miles from Predannack Airfield, as well as Lands End airport and Penzance heli port. We also have Falmouth Coastguard and Search and Rescue based in Culdrose. As well as being close to several town centres. So should have quite a few civil and military frequencies to listen to, the old Realistic doesnt cover military band, so decided time came to spend a bit of money.

The dilema im haveing is I have a narrowed it to a choice of 4 scanners, but the price difference is huge, I wonder if users have heard of these scanners and for the above listenings could reccomend one, or even suggest something else.

Icom IC-R20

DJ-X2000 E Alinco Super Scanner 0.1 - 2150 MHz

GRE PSR-295 Handheld Scanner

UBC-3500XLT * NEW * Uniden Bearcat Handheld Scanner 25MHz - 1.3G

I dont really need fancy gizmos, or pc tuneing, or even the ability to record audio, I am just looking for a mobile scanner with good sensativity and the bandwidth to capture transmissions from the above areas.

A lot of my listening is done from my car and at present have the Skyscan mag mount Moonraker - radio communications and the G Scann II Moonraker - radio communications

Are these adequate and again would any one suggest something else.

Any help or advice would be gratefully received. Or if I can provide further information please just ask, I am really in a quandry over what to do and which to buy.



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Nov 5, 2002
Hi biggordy76,welcome to RadioReference :)

I think the best of the lot for you is the UBC 3500XLT given that it has features specific to aviation monitoring.
It has a fair price compared to the "gizmo" laden ICOM and Alinco, which you admitted would be wasted in your case.
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