A trip to the past: BC350A

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Jul 22, 2014
Barnhart, MO
Hey, gang!
I have a BC350A that I use for civilian aircraft monitoring. I love it! However it, like me, is beginning to show its age and all but two of the small "lights" that provide the light for the LCD panel are now out. I havene't openned the case to look because I usually cause more damage than good when I try doing something like that.

Anyone know what it takes to replace those side lights so that I can see the frequency in use? Are they replaceable by a semi-competent technician?

Thanks in advance for your help


W3BUX- Bucks County, PA
Feb 22, 2007
Well I see you didn't get any replies, so I'll bring this up in the queue for you so maybe someone will see it.

It's a tough problem to have oh, the radio is what it is I would think the display would be just swapped out with one that works from another 350A so if you were able to buy one that works then you could use the new radio rather than swap out the display and put it in the old one. Essentially you need to buy a non-working 350A which wouldn't be worth the sellers trouble for what they could get for it and you would have to know the display is perfect. As I say if you buy one that works well then you would just use that one and I'm sure they're out there for sale, I guess.

I believe the 355N uses the same exact display and that may be a little easier to buy used, not working, you have a better chance that the display would work. Again you're more likely to get a 355N on the market that actually works then you would just use that radio.

Having said all that if you could get the display in one piece I bet you there are members here on RR that could fix that puppy up lickety split. Cross that bridge when you get to it LOL. You know there are used analog non trunking good performing radios on the used Market for very low amounts of money. I guess on eBay?

Sorry I couldn't help you but I'm just bringing this up in the queue so maybe someone who can help you will see it.
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