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Jan 13, 2006
so for those who listen to the EMS fq.s in st. louis and surroundig areas are probably farmiliar with Abbott EMS...the private ambulance company...they broadcast on uhf for those curious...

anyways, they use a lot of "codes" (like the 10codes for cops, but no 10)...i googled for it and found nothing...does anyone know what those codes are?

i'm curious becuase unlike most (public atleast) EMS systems, that use clear talk (i.e. "an overdose" or "accidental injury" or "seizure" etc)...i have no clue what Abbott is being dispatched to!

so any insight on what their codes mean would be great

thanks y'all!


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Aug 28, 2003
St. Louis
Those signal codes are very close to being 100% correct. The codes are in relationship to Medicare billing codes. The number noted before the signal code is how the crew responds. A 135 would be a non urgent response to a head injury. All crews returning patients home or for special proceedures between facilities also get the signal code. It allows them to know why the patient was admitted. A 246 would be an urgent response to a location where there is some kind of medical personel on scene already. IE nursing home, medical clinic, doctors office or ambulance crew on scene that does not transport to the patients' hospital of choice. A 351 would be an urgent response to any location as a first responder such as a residence where they called directly to Abbott or a 911 response to a contracted municipality.


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Dec 19, 2002
There are also some EMS Agencies that use EMD (Emergency Medical Dispatch) Protocol Card Numbers... cant remember them all, but here is a few...

01 Abdominal Pain
06 or 07 Breathing Problems
10 Chest Pain
32 Sick Call

Usually followed by an alpha character (A-D) which is a response determinate, then another number, which is the specific subset.

For example...

10D1 Chest Pain with cardiac history
(I'm not sure if thats the absolute correct subset, don't have a cardset with me here at the house! :D )


Jan 20, 2008
I'm looking for these codes as well, but that link is no longer working. Does anyone have a new link to the correct page?


Dec 1, 2003
Fort Worth, TX
01a01 abdominal/pain problems abdominal pain
01c01 abdominal/pain problems fainting or near fainting >=50
01c02 abdominal/pain problems females w/fainting/near fainting 12-50
01c03 abdominal/pain problems males w/pain above navel >=35
01c04 abdominal/pain problems female w/pain above navel >= 45
01d01 abdominal/pain problems not alert
02a01 allergy/reaction/sting/bites no d/b or swallowing (poss rash/hives)
02a02 allergy/reaction/sting/bites spider bite
02b01 allergy/reaction/sting/bites unk status (3rd party caller)
02c01 allergy/reaction/sting/bites difficulty breathing or swallowing
02c02 allergy/reaction/sting/bites special medications/injections used
02d01 allergy/reaction/sting/bites severe respiratory distress
02d02 allergy/reaction/sting/bites not alert
02d03 allergy/reaction/sting/bites condition worsening
02d04 allergy/reaction/sting/bites swarming attack (bee,wasp,hornet)
02d05 allergy/reaction/sting/bites snakebite
02e01 allergy/reaction/sting/bites ineffective breathing
03a01 animal bites/attacks not dangerous body area
03a02 animal bites/attacks non-recent injuries (>=6hrs)
03a03 animal bites/attacks superficial bites
03b01 animal bites/attacks possibly dangerous body area
03b02 animal bites/attacks serious hemorrhage
03b03 animal bites/attacks unk status (3rd party caller)
03d01 animal bites/attacks unconscious or arrest
03d02 animal bites/attacks not alert
03d03 animal bites/attacks dangerous body area
03d04 animal bites/attacks large animal
03d05 animal bites/attacks exotic animal
03d06 animal bites/attacks attacks or multiple animals
04a01 assault/sexual assault not dangerous body area
04a02 assault/sexual assault non-recent injuries (=> 6 hrs)
04b01 assault/sexual assault possibly dangerous body area
04b02 assault/sexual assault serious hemorrhage
04b03 assault/sexual assault unk status (3rd party caller)
04d01 assault/sexual assault unconscious or arrest
04d02 assault/sexual assault not alert
04d03 assault/sexual assault abnormal breathing
04d04 assault/sexual assault dangerous body area
04d05 assault/sexual assault multiple victims
05a01 back pain non-trauma/recent non-traumatic back pain
05a02 back pain non-trauma/recent non-recent trauma back pain (=> 6 hrs)
05c01 back pain non-trauma/recent fainting/near fainting >= 50
05d01 back pain non-trauma/recent not alert
06c01 breathing problems abnormal breathing
06c02 breathing problems cardiac history
06d01 breathing problems severe respiratory distress
06d02 breathing problems not alert
06d03 breathing problems clammy
06e01 breathing problems ineffective breathing
07a01 burns(scalds)/explosion burns < 18% body area
07a03 burns(scalds)/explosion sun or minor burns (<= hand size)
07b01 burns(scalds)/explosion unk status (3rd party caller)
07c02 burns(scalds)/explosion difficulty breathing
07c03 burns(scalds)/explosion burns => 18% body area
07d01 burns(scalds)/explosion unconscious or arrest
07d02 burns(scalds)/explosion severe respiratory distress
07d03 burns(scalds)/explosion not alert
07d04 burns(scalds)/explosion explosion
07d05 burns(scalds)/explosion multiple victims
08a01 carbon monoxide/inhalation haz c o detector alarm (no pri symptom)
08b01 carbon monoxide/inhalation haz alert w/o difficulty breathing
08c01 carbon monoxide/inhalation haz alert with difficulty breathing
08d01 carbon monoxide/inhalation haz unconscious or arrest
08d02 carbon monoxide/inhalation haz severe respiratory distress
08d03 carbon monoxide/inhalation haz hazmat
08d04 carbon monoxide/inhalation haz not alert
08d05 carbon monoxide/inhalation haz multiple victims
08d06 carbon monoxide/inhalation haz unknown status, (3rd party caller)
09b01 cardiac/resp arrest/death obvious death (unquestionable)
09d01 cardiac/resp arrest/death ineffective breathing
09e01 cardiac/resp arrest/death not breathing at all
09e02 cardiac/resp arrest/death breathing uncertain (agonal)
09e03 cardiac/resp arrest/death hanging
09e04 cardiac/resp arrest/death strangulation
09e05 cardiac/resp arrest/death suffocation
09e06 cardiac/resp arrest/death under water
09m01 cardiac/resp arrest/death expected death
10a01 chest pain normal breathing (age < 35)
10c01 chest pain abnormal breathing
10c02 chest pain cardiac history
10c03 chest pain cocaine
10c04 chest pain breathing normally >=35
10d01 chest pain severe respiratory distress
10d02 chest pain not alert
10d03 chest pain clammy
11a01 choking not choking now (can talk/ breath norm)
11d01 choking not alert
11d02 choking abnormal breathing/partial obstruction
11e01 choking choking verified/ineffective breathing
12a01 convulsions/seizures not seizing now/breathing regularly
12b01 convulsions/seizures breathing regularly not verified, <35
12c01 convulsions/seizures pregnancy
12c02 convulsions/seizures diabetic
12c03 convulsions/seizures cardiac history
12d01 convulsions/seizures not breathing (after key questioning)
12d02 convulsions/seizures continuous or multiple seizures
12d03 convulsions/seizures irregular breathing
12d04 convulsions/seizures breathing regularly not verified >=35
13a01 diabetic problems alert
13c01 diabetic problems not alert
13c02 diabetic problems abnormal behavior
13c03 diabetic problems abnormal breathing
13d01 diabetic problems unconscious
14a01 drowning(near)/diving acc alert/breath norm(no inj & out of water)
14b01 drowning(near)/diving acc alert/breath norm (injuries or in water)
14b02 drowning(near)/diving accident unk status (3rd party caller)
14c01 drowning(near)/diving accident alert with abnormal breathing
14d01 drowning(near)/diving accident unconscious
14d02 drowning(near)/diving accident not alert
14d03 drowning(near)/diving accident diving or suspected neck injury
14d04 drowning(near)/diving accident scuba accident
15c01 electrocution/lightning alert and breathing normally
15d01 electrocution/lightning unconscious
15d02 electrocution/lightning not disconnected from power
15d03 electrocution/lightning power not off or hazard present
15d04 electrocution/lightning long fall >=6 feet/2meters
15d05 electrocution/lightning not alert
15d06 electrocution/lightning abnormal breathing
15d07 electrocution/lightning unknown status (3rd party caller)
15e01 electrocution/lightning not breathing/ineffective breathing
16a01 eye problems/injuries moderate eye injuries
16a02 eye problems/injuries minor eye injuries
16a03 eye problems/injuries medical eye problems
16b01 eye problems/injuries severe eye injuries
16d01 eye problems/injuries not alert
17a01 falls not dangerous body area
17a02 falls non-recent injuries (=> 6 hrs)
17b01 falls possibly dangerous body area
17b02 falls serious hemorrhage
17b03 falls unknown status (3rd party caller)
17d01 falls dangerous body area
17d02 falls long fall => 6 feet/2 meters
17d03 falls not alert
17d04 falls abnormal breathing
17m01 falls public assist (w/o inj or priority symt)


Dec 1, 2003
Fort Worth, TX
18a01 headache breathing normally
18b01 headache unknown status (3rd party caller)
18c01 headache not alert
18c02 headache abnormal breathing
18c03 headache speech problems
18c04 headache sudden onset of severe pain (<= 3 hrs)
18c05 headache numbness or paralysis
18c06 headache change in behavior (<=3 hours)
19a01 heart problems/aicd heart rate >=50<130 w/o priority symptms
19a02 heart problems/aicd chest pain <35 (w/o priority symptoms)
19b01 heart problems/aicd unknown status (3rd party caller)
19c01 heart problems/aicd firing of the aicd
19c02 heart problems/aicd abnormal breathing
19c03 heart problems/aicd chest pain >=35
19c04 heart problems/aicd cardiac history
19c05 heart problems/aicd cocaine
19c06 heart problems/aicd heartrate<50 or>=130(w/o priority sympt)
19d01 heart problems/aicd severe respiratory distress
19d02 heart problems/aicd not alert
19d03 heart problems/aicd clammy
20a01 heat/cold exposure alert
20b01 heat/cold exposure change in skin color
20b02 heat/cold exposure unknown status (3rd party caller)
20c01 heat/cold exposure cardiac history
20d01 heat/cold exposure not alert
21a01 hemorrhage/lacerations not dangerous hemorrhage
21a02 hemorrhage/lacerations minor hemorrhage
21b01 hemorrhage/lacerations possibly dangerous hemorrhage
21b02 hemorrhage/lacerations serious hemorrhage
21b03 hemorrhage/lacerations bleeding disorder or blood thinners
21c01 hemorrhage/lacerations hemorrhage through tubes
21d01 hemorrhage/lacerations dangerous hemorrhage
21d02 hemorrhage/lacerations not alert
21d03 hemorrhage/lacerations abnormal breathing
22b01 industrial/machinery accident unk sit (not caught in machinery)
22d01 industrial/machinery accident life status questionable
22d02 industrial/machinery accident caught in machinery (unk. Status)
22d03 industrial/machinery accident multiple victims
23b01 overdose/ingestion/poisoning overdose (w/o priority symptoms)
23c01 overdose/ingestion/poisoning violent (police must secure)
23c02 overdose/ingestion/poisoning not alert
23c03 overdose/ingestion/poisoning abnormal breathing
23c04 overdose/ingestion/poisoning antidepressants (tricyclic)
23c05 overdose/ingestion/poisoning cocaine (or derivative)
23c06 overdose/ingestion/poisoning narcotics (heroin)
23c07 overdose/ingestion/poisoning acid or alkali (lye)
23c08 overdose/ingestion/poisoning unk status (3rd party caller)
23c09 overdose/ingestion/poisoning poison control request for response
23d01 overdose/ingestion/poisoning unconscious
23d02 overdose/ingestion/poisoning severe respiratory distress
23m01 overdose/ingestion/poisoning poisoning (w/o priority symptoms)
24a01 pregnancy/birth/miscarriage 1st trimester hemorrhage/miscarriage
24b01 pregnancy/birth/miscarriage labor (dlvry not soon>=5months/20wks)
24b02 pregnancy/birth/miscarriage unknown status (3rd party caller)
24c01 pregnancy/birth/miscarriage 2nd trimester hemorrhage/miscarriage
24c02 pregnancy/birth/miscarriage 1st trimester serious hemorrhage
24d01 pregnancy/birth/miscarriage breech or cord
24d02 pregnancy/birth/miscarriage baby's head visible/out
24d03 pregnancy/birth/miscarriage imminent delivery (>= 5 months/20 wks)
24d04 pregnancy/birth/miscarriage 3rd trimester hemorrhage
24d05 pregnancy/birth/miscarriage high risk complications
24d06 pregnancy/birth/miscarriage baby born
25a01 psychiatric/suicide attempt non-violent/non-suicidal (alert)
25b01 psychiatric/suicide attempt violent (police must secure)
25b03 psychiatric/suicide attempt near hang/strangul/ suffocate (alert)
25b04 psychiatric/suicide attempt unk status (3rd party caller)
25d01 psychiatric/suicide attempt not alert
26a01 sick person (spec diagnosis) non-priority complaints
26a02 sick person (spec diagnosis) boils
26a03 sick person (spec diagnosis) bumps (non-traumatic)
26a04 sick person (spec diagnosis) can't sleep
26a05 sick person (spec diagnosis) can't urinate (w/o abdominal pain)
26a06 sick person (spec diagnosis) catheter (in/out w/o bleeding)
26a07 sick person (spec diagnosis) constipation
26a08 sick person (spec diagnosis) cramps/spasms (in extremities)
26a09 sick person (spec diagnosis) cut off ring request
26a10 sick person (spec diagnosis) deafness
26a11 sick person (spec diagnosis) defecation
26a12 sick person (spec diagnosis) earache
26a13 sick person (spec diagnosis) enema
26a14 sick person (spec diagnosis) gout
26a15 sick person (spec diagnosis) hemorrhoids / piles
26a16 sick person (spec diagnosis) hepatitis
26a17 sick person (spec diagnosis) hiccups
26a18 sick person (spec diagnosis) hungry
26a19 sick person (spec diagnosis) nervous
26a20 sick person (spec diagnosis) object stuck (in body opening)
26a21 sick person (spec diagnosis) object swallowed (w/o diff breathing)
26a22 sick person (spec diagnosis) penis problems/pain
26a23 sick person (spec diagnosis) rash/skin problem (w/o dif breathing)
26a24 sick person (spec diagnosis) sexually transmitted disease (std)
26a25 sick person (spec diagnosis) sore throat
26a26 sick person (spec diagnosis) toothache w/o jaw pain
26a28 sick person (spec diagnosis) wound infected (local or surface)
26b01 sick person (spec diagnosis) unk status (3rd party caller)
26c01 sick person (spec diagnosis) cardiac history(comp. Cond.2-28 not id)
26d01 sick person (spec diagnosis) not alert
27a01 stab/shot/penetrating trauma non-recent (=>6hrs) and peripheral
27b01 stab/shot/penetrating trauma non-recent =>6hrs, single cntrl wound
27b02 stab/shot/penetrating trauma known, single peripheral wound
27b03 stab/shot/penetrating trauma serious hemorrhage
27b04 stab/shot/penetrating trauma unk status (3rd party caller)
27d01 stab/shot/penetrating trauma unconscious or arrest
27d02 stab/shot/penetrating trauma not alert
27d03 stab/shot/penetrating trauma central wounds
27d04 stab/shot/penetrating trauma multiple wounds
27d05 stab/shot/penetrating trauma multiple victims
28a01 stroke (cva) breathing normally <35 yrs
28b01 stroke (cva) unk status (3rd party caller)
28c01 stroke (cva) not alert
28c02 stroke (cva) abnormal breathing
28c03 stroke (cva) speech or movement problems
28c04 stroke (cva) numbness or tingling
28c05 stroke (cva) stroke history
28c06 stroke (cva) breathing normally (age >=35)
29a01 traffic accidents 1st party call w/inj,no danger body area
29b01 traffic accidents injuries
29b02 traffic accidents multiple victims (1 unit)
29b03 traffic accidents multiple victims (additional units)
29b04 traffic accidents serious hemorrhage
29b05 traffic accidents unk status (3rd party caller)
29d01 traffic accidents major incident
29d02 traffic accidents high mechanism
29d03 traffic accidents hazmat
29d04 traffic accidents pinned (trapped victim)
29d05 traffic accidents not alert
30a01 traumatic injuries, specific not dangerous body area
30a02 traumatic injuries, specific non-recent injuries (=> 6 hrs)
30b01 traumatic injuries, specific possibly dangerous body area
30b02 traumatic injuries, specific serious hemorrhage
30d01 traumatic injuries, specific dangerous body area
30d02 traumatic injuries, specific not alert
30d03 traumatic injuries, specific abnormal breathing
31a01 unconscious/fainting (near) single/near fainting episode +alert <35
31c01 unconscious/fainting (near) alert w/abnormal breathing
31c02 unconscious/fainting (near) cardiac history
31c03 unconscious/fainting (near) multiple fainting episodes
31c04 unconscious/fainting (near) single near fainting episode+alert >=35
31c05 unconscious/fainting (near) females 12-50 with abdominal pain
31d01 unconscious/fainting (near) unconscious (at end of questioning)
31d02 unconscious/fainting (near) severe respiratory distress
31d03 unconscious/fainting (near) not alert
31e01 unconscious/fainting (near) ineffective breathing
32b01 unknown problem (man down) standing, sitting, moving, or talking
32b02 unknown problem (man down) medical alert notifications
32b03 unknown problem (man down) unk status (3rd party caller)
32d01 unknown problem (man down) life status questionable


Jan 20, 2008
I don't believe this is the system they are using. They use 3 digit codes like 155, 246, etc...


Dec 16, 2008
Re: Abbott EMS Radio Signal Codes

I know this thread dates way back to the summer of 2006, but I figure a late reply is better than none.

Here are the radio response codes you asked for. They are up to date as of this posting.

1xx routine, non-emergency response
2xx serious, emergency response - with med personnel on scene
3xx serious, emergency response - no med personnel on scene

ie: 382 serious MVC with no med personnel on scene.

* = Code Not Currently Used
01 Cardiac Arrest
02 Cardiac Problems
03 Medical Alarm
04 Respiratory Arrest
05 Lethargic/Acute
06 Maternity Case
07 Asthma
08 Drowning
09 Decreased L/O/C
10 Pneumonia
11 Shooting/Stabbing
12 Medical Device Problem
13 Hypotension
14 Hypertension
15 *
16 Assault
17 Burn
18 PR Assignment/Not Dedicated
19 Pain/Acute
20 Abdominal Pain
21 *
22 Chest Pain/Acute
23 Animal Bites
24 Bleeding Uncontrolled
25 Bowel Obstruction
26 Cancer Patient
27 Choking
28 PR Standby/Dedicated
29 PR Standby/Billable
30 Diabetic
31 Fracture
32 Back Pain/Non-Traumatic
33 Lift Assist/Manpower
34 Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
35 Head Injury
36 Standby/Billable/Non Dedicated
37 Heat/Cold Exposure
38 Laceration
39 Eye Injury
40 Nausea/Vomiting
41 Overdose/Poisoning
42 Falls/Back Injury
43 Psychiatric/Non-Violent
44 Headache
45 Renal Failure
46 Respiratory Distress
47 Ventilator Dependent
48 Seizure
49 Unconscious/Faint
50 Stretcher Van
51 Stroke Symptoms/Acute
52 Trauma/Multiple Injuries
53 Possible DVT
54 Unresponsive/Acute
55 BLS Transfer
56 CHF/Pulmonary Edema
57 Substance Abuse
58 Inaccessible Incident
59 Baby Trip
60 *
61 Hospice Patient
62 Chest Pain/Sub Acute
63 Body Move
64 Med Team/No Patient
65 Harvest Body/Transplant
66 G.I. Problem
67 ALS Transfer/High Acuity
68 ALS Transfer/Low Acuity
69 Person Struck
70 *
71 Special Assignment
72 Fire/Police Standby/Dedicated
73 Electrocution
74 Bleeding Controlled
75 Allergic Reaction
76 Suicide Attempt
77 Abnormal Lab Values
78 Psych/Violent
79 Person Down
80 Multiuser
81 General Sick Case
82 MVA
83 Fire/Police Standby/Not Dedicated
84 Febrile
85 Lethargic/Chronic
86 Respiratory Problem/Chronic
87 Accidental Injury
88 Medical Prodedure
89 Pain/Chronic
90 U.T.I.
91 Stroke Symptoms/Chronic
92 Dehydration
93 Sepsis
94 Unresponsive/Chronic
95 Sudden Death/DOA
96 Inflammation
97 *
98 Spinal Injury
99 Medic In Need Of Aid


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Dec 19, 2002
Manchester, Missouri
Anyone have a list of the current Abbott post locations? There used to be a link with them online that is no longer working.


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Aug 28, 2003
St. Louis
If you would like to PM me I can give you a few. Not that they are top secret, they aren't. Maybe they can get posted later.
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