Abbreviations on Text Labels

How do you prefer to abbreviate county names for Text Lables?

  • As is -- 2 digit #'s on SC21, 3-4 alpha abbreviations elsewhere

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  • *NEW* Create 2 digit county identifiers (like USPS State codes -- see message for more info)

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  • 3-4 alpha abbrevations on ALL listings

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  • 2 digit county # on all listings (or 3 digit as needed)

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Mar 29, 2004
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Asking for everyones opinion on what the preferred way to abbreviate on Text Labels (for imputing/importing to your scanner)

For example, StarCom21, we are using a 2 digit number to represent the county --- 59 is Madison County (59 is the SOS #, also on Sheriff License plates).

Should we continue with this and integrate it into non-SC21 labels or ??

The "" preferred way is to NOT use numbers, as people traveling, etc, will have no clue, off hand, what county "64" is.

My most recent brainstorming came up with the idea, to create a 2 letter identifier, like the United States Postal Service is for the states. (Maybe this is already out there???)

Examples: CK=Cook, MC=Macoupin, SG=Sangamon*.... and so on. (There are a few issues with many counties beginning with the same letter, but that will work out on its own)

Please comment as you'd like and vote, using the Poll I have created.

NO shouting matches please......
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