BCD436HP: Ability to export Sentinel channel information

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Jan 23, 2003
Yorktown, Virginia
Sorry that title is about the best I could think of.

What I want to do is be able to export the favorite list key, system list keys, and department key numbers to something that I can sort and print out on a quick reference card(s). Ideally, it would be favorite list, with systems and their departments under the FL (or as a single table row).

For example, I live in Virginia and have the STARS system in a FL. The Virginia State Police have seven divisions, so under the STARS FL key, I have VSP as a system and the seven divisions as departments.

So what I'd like to be able to export is a file that contains the three key sequence (e.g., "FL.SQK.DQK VSP Div #") along with the key names. This may be a bit long so ability to edit the names would be nice.

I have several FL's set up like this (my local county shares its system with four other agencies I don't need to monitor all the time) and trying to keep track of the numbers gets confusing after a bit. My table would look something like this (though I am open to other suggestions).
0.0.1 local pd
0.0.2 local fd
0.0.3 shared sys1 pd
0.0.4 shared sys1 fd
0.0.5 shared sys2 pd

Many thanks for any ideas.


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Dec 19, 2002
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I wrote a simple program to parse the FL files a while back. It may or may not be exactly/complete what you want. I haven't used it for some time. If you want a copy, PM me (include an email address) and I'll look for it
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