About ready to buy the SDS200.....

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Nov 4, 2019
Cranston, Rhode Island
I kind of knew eventually I would seriously think about one of these. And I would have bought one sooner if I already didnt buy a 996p2 and 15X together. But I may wait till my birthday in June before purchasing the sds200. I read on here some small issues with them like the dimming display and "hum". Maybe a new factory run of these in the future will not have these problems. And for $700 I dont want to do any hacks myself to fix issues. I may retire my 996p2 and use the sds200 for strictly simulcast P25 in its place. I may be getting a new car (new to me!) maybe in the Fall so I may put my 996p2 in the car. Right now I am using a Uniden 100 channel basic scanner in my old car. But it's too limited compared to the new features modern scanners have. It looks like Scanner Master has the best deals.....rated higher than some other places. So I will be observing the forums and hopefully Uniden will have fixed these issues with the sds200 by mid-summer.
Not open for further replies.