Acadian Ambulance in SE Texas

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Jan 14, 2004
Im trying to program my scanner, a Uniden BCT15 to track Acadian EMS in SE Texas. Unfortunately, they are on 3 different trunked systems.

Triangle Communications (Beaumont) Trunking System, Beaumont, Texas - Scanner Frequencies

Orange County TX Trunking System, Orange County, Texas - Scanner Frequencies

A & W Data Communications Trunking System, Port Neches, Texas - Scanner Frequencies

Dispatch transmits on all three systems simultaneously. I'll be scanning the Orange TRS and hear them dispatch a unit in Jefferson County. When a unit responds however, it only comes thru on whatever tower they are closest to. So unless they are on the Orange TRS, the transmission will not come across my scanner.

Is there anyway to program these three systems into one scanner so it will interpret them as one system? Apparently the radios in our trucks dont have any problem operating in such a capacity. The only time I have to change the dial on my radio is to move to channels to talk to different Fire Departments. Then I go back to channel 1 on my portable or mobile, and have no problem contacting dispatch regardless where I travel to, even when I am clearly out of range of any of these three systems (obviously there must be a 4th and a 5th system, cause I talk to dispatch from a hundred miles away from the nearest of the three sites).

It gets even more interesting. I can, and have taken my truck from Port Arthur all the way to Woodville and even Jasper on calls. Talkin to dispatch on our truck radio the whole way there and back...but if Itried to talk directly to another truck, I wouldnt be able to reach them. These radio towers cannot have unlimmited range, otherwise there wouldnt be a need to have three or four or five of them. But we cant all be on the same system cause if we were all on the same system, on the same channel, freq or TGID, then Id be able to talk to other trucks from different regions. So how am I able to raise dispatch regardless where I am, from the same radio without changing any dials?
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