Adding Four PSR-410s To The Shack

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Dec 19, 2008
Knoxville, TN
Modern radios can hold a ton of frequencies but programmed like that, I miss a lot. So, each one of my scanners is a scanlist. I also miss a lot if using one radio to monitor my local trunked system so I use two scanners. With the different sensitivity between GRE/Uniden units, it makes this work.

Would have went with four more BCT15Xs, but the 410 is $60 less per radio right now and will more than do the job. Can't wait to get these in and get to programming.

I currently am using four inexpensive scanners, divided between my home and business for my non-trunked conventional scanners. Two, 410s will be used for this adding the Alpha Tag capability. For the same reason, for my trunked system, I will be substituting two, BCT8s with the 410s.

I had been strictly a Uniden user till the PSR-800. Though I don't need digital right now, I love what GRE did with this unit and can't wait for the 410s to arrive.
Not open for further replies.