Additional SDR# Installation

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Nov 15, 2018
I have SDR# community package installed and running on Win 10. I'd like to also install the 'base' package with fewer plugins.

1. Do I follow the install instructions for SDR# or does a second install require different steps?

2. If I want to add a plugin to the second install do I just add or copy its DLL to the second install's folder?

3. Is it possible to transfer (export/import) the stored freqs from Freq. Manager and Freq. Scanner to the new installation?




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Jul 3, 2003
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I have only upgraded SDR# and added the recorder plugin All of my log files and frequency manager data stayed intact.
Plugins amount to just copying the DLLs and required files to the install folder.
Additions like DSD+ or unitrunker is the same but you might want to custom batch file and create shortcut to desktop.
3>> I am thinking this is all in one folder anyway. I might be wrong (read SDR install instructions) but the difference in the two is just the SDR EXE file.


Jan 24, 2004
You can have as many directories for sdrsharp versions as you want.
I'd favour starting with a base install of version 1700 (I see no real point in the bloated skinable versions but if you want 'pretty' then use whichever is current). Into that I have the aux-vxo plugin as it's used in most of my scenarios. Ensure it's all working correctly.

You can then copy that whole directory to a new name to reflect the plugin use you intend (eg. I have 'sdr_sharp-have_quick', 'sdr_sharp-scanner', 'sdr_sharp-wxsat' directories amongst others).
Then you'd add the plugin files/config you need for each individual scenario and NOT add anything that isn't required.

There are different plugins with similar names but if you want to copy the frequency data to each directory to maintain a common 'database' then copy "scanner_entryes.xml" and "frequencies.xml" from the source you want to keep as the 'master'.
You can also copy 'BandPlan.xml' if you want to use a single bandplan layout in all scenarios.
Bear in mind that any time you make a change to the above files in one directory the change will not appear in the others unless you copy the files again. I know it's obvious but in the heat of the moment it's easy to lose an edit.

I wouldn't start with the install based on the junk-filled multiplugin version at all and have never understood why anyone would want to add all of that stuff.
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