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Apr 13, 2017
Adidas launched the production of shoe soles 3D-printed.adidas running shoes
Make 3D-printing technology faster and cheaper to help the company start-up in Silicon Valley Carbon. Collection Futurecraft 4D scheduled to be released to the mass market next year.

Another day another footwear company allegedly stealing ideas from a competitor, adidas originals womens
as adidas and adidas America have filed a federal lawsuit against ASICS America, claiming that the company has infringed on 10 fitness tracking patents.

Adidas says AMSilk's BIOSTEEL is 15 per cent lighter than its usual trainer fabrics.adidas boost 2015
Although it isn't cheap - Adidas hasn't announced the price of the Futurecraft Biofabric shoes, which go on sale later in 2017, but the Moon Parka costs $1,000 (£810).

Adidas said the Tesla logo, a trio of horizontal bars, would cause confusion because the carmaker planned to emblazon it on apparel,adidas basketball shoes for men
something Adidas had been doing with its own logo for years. Tesla withdrew its application, though by that time it had already changed its bars to a numeric 3.
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