Adjusting Band Defaults Multiple P25 Systems

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May 12, 2012
So I was reading through the various fixes here on the forum to improve P25 decoding (audio quality). I followed Upmans instructions and changed the Band Default and Default Range.

However, I am currently monitoring two P25 systems. Both of which audio quality is lacking. One system is (Bergen County Trunked 472.XXX Mhz Range Simulcast) PHASE 1 and the fixed worked beautifully for that system.

I am also trying to monitor a PHASE 2 system in the MHz range (NJ inter. System) . My question is, now that I have adjusted the band default to the (400.000Mhz 12.5 + FM Modulation) for the Phase 1 system and it has improved how do I Improve the audio quality for the 700Mhz system?

As I understand, Upmans fix is a scanner wide default change correct?

Will this effect any of my conventional systems?

Thanks guys...
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