ADSB v2 and VRS

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Jan 10, 2015
Spring, Texas
I'm using Dump1090 to feed VRS. I also have a feed from ADSB-Exchange to be able ot pick up MLAT information. Why is it that adsb v2 tracks don't show up in my local VRS feed? Well, it does and it doesn't. I've been tracking MilAir a/c and in the ADSB-Exchange feed they show up and track on the map. On my local feed I don't see them. In the Dump1090 window I can see them but they're not on the local feed map. At first I thought it was an MLAT thing but this particular a/c says it is NOT MLAT. If I look in my local feed report for Today's sightings the aircraft is logged there. I know VRS can display ADSB v2 because I see them when it comes from ADSB-Exchange. It also tracks it locally in the reports but for some reason doesn't plot them on the map on my local feed. Is ADSB-Exchange being incorrect when it says it is not an MLAT track? Or am I missing something about MLAT or ADSB v2?


Not open for further replies.