AEP EDACS System (Southwestern Electric Power Co. - Arklatex)

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TX/LA Database Admin
Database Admin
Dec 22, 2004
Boerne, Texas
I have been monitoring and nailing down the LCNs in the area on this system today. I can pick up 6 sites from my hotel in Longview. A couple of things I am noticing with this system:

1. We need to alter the system name (Southwestern Electric Power Company, or SWEPCO, still a division of AEP)
2. There are two site 16s reporting now, Overton and Henderson, and they are right next to each other. The site 0 listed in the database appears to be incorrect, although I vaguely remember seeing it report as 0 in the past. What makes it even more weird is that they are not showing to be connected, or neighboring, to each other using Unitrunker to display the data.
3. It appears most sites have 4-5 channels only.
4. It is heavily used for data, and voice users appear to have several "ops" channels that are able to be monitored by the dispatcher. While 291 is the main Longview dispatch talkgroup, the same dispatcher was talking on 292, 293, 294, 295, and 296. Many of those talkgroups were being used for the same outage in the same area of Rusk and Gregg Counties at the same time, but they were not patched together. It kind of makes it hard to determine an actual intended channel use.


Feb 22, 2014
After monitoring this Longview site a while, my best guess at the intended talkgroup uses are:

291 Longview Dispatch
292 Longview area ops
293 Marshall area ops
294 Carthage area ops
295 Gilmer area ops
296 Henderson area ops
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