AG Office On 911

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May 18, 2007
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AG Office On 911 by Peggy Sinkovich WYTV Channel 33 News

The opinion, which was signed by former Attorney General Marc Dann on May 14th, is being met with criticism from some county officials.

Trumbull County officials and several police chiefs have been waiting for the attorney general's opinion on several 911 issues before they reconvened the 911 planning commission. On Friday, they got their answers.

One of the key issues, officials wanted to know was whether the county was required to pay for the purchase of new equipment and software for the independent dispatching centers. They were told, that they do.

Trumbull Commissioner Paul Heltzel and 911 Director Mike Dolhancryk were not pleased with the opinion, saying they didn't believe county general fund money should be used on something that does not directly benefit the county.

County officials quit paying for the equipment for the independent stations last summer. Instead, they used the money to upgrade the county's radio system.

Another point of contention between county officials and several area police chiefs, is who should handle the county's wireless calls. The county wanted to get the money collected by a surcharge on cellular bills so they could handle all wireless calls. But the individual dispatch centers say they want the money so they can handle the calls on their own.

Both the police chiefs and the county have created a plan on how the wireless calls should be handled. It will be up to the county's 911 planning commission to decide which plan should be used.

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