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Completely Banned for the Greater Good
Apr 9, 2010
I would like to warn the webmasters about one of the dating software providers. Boonex scam has ripped me off. I just want my money back. I read all the claims and I can say that most of them are true from my brief time trying to get the software working. The whole thing is a scam to collect $$$$ I had to pay to access their forums and pay to remove ads from the software (which never worked by the way). I sent numerous emails to support staff…contacted their “Agents” and only received a reply back when I left a nasty comment on one agents page. But the reply didn’t address my issues – it was totally unprofessional and irrelevant.

Their premium members are full of ****. They will screw with you and call you newb trying to make you feel stupid which I guess makes most people sign up for “Premium” membership so then they will have that “Premium” tag on their forum avatar. They have special hidden forums for Premium members apparently.

Don’t be fooled and sucked in. You’ll be paying and paying and paying. Luckily I got out at $45 and just called it a loss. PayPal will NOT refund your money. I REPEAT:


So do NOT buy unless maybe you have lots of $$$ and can buy their $999 plan which bumps you up to premium status immediately and *MAY* give you some response from their staff.

If you are scammed, you need to file a report with the Australian authorities,
ACMA - Spam & e–Security

If you were scammed out of a large amount, I suggest contacting the FBI as well even though this company is in Australia, their web host is in the U.S.

File an abuse complaint with them as well and let them know you will be filing a complaint on their hosting company with the BBB and the Illinois Attorney Generals Office -Consumer Fraud Complaints Department for hosting fraudulent websites and allowing abuse on their networks that break their own TOS:
Illinois Attorney General - Filing a Consumers Complaint

Host Info:
HostForWeb Inc, 7061 N. Kedzie
Room 302, Chicago IL 60645

This hosts TOS can be found at
HostForWeb.COM - Ultrafast Hosting Solutions - Reliable Service
Where you will see a long list of forbidden activities. One being “Fraudulent Sites of any kind”
Also try googling boonex scam: boonex scam - Google Search or boonex dolphin scam.
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