Aiken County fire service info and ???

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Apr 19, 2005
Aiken County, South Carolina (SC) Scanner Frequencies and Radio Frequency Reference - local FDs operate on UHF - the list of FDs in the wiki seems to be old - approx a dozen sub stations have been added

State Forestry might have 1 or 2 stations in Aiken County - radios are on VHF highband - the Silverton Fire Lookout Tower has 159.255R (listed as Ch17 Talatha at South Carolina - SC Forestry Commission Scanner Frequencies and Radio Frequency Reference) + 159.27 FB + 159.45 FB - [ palmetto 800 state agencies - state forestry has 800 TG also - 2019 info ]

The Savanah River DOE FD apparently has 3 structural fire stations - seems they use a federal TRS - maybe Savannah River Site Trunking System, Aiken, South Carolina - Scanner Frequencies or

Wildland fire protection at Savanah River DOE is provided by the USFS - using VHF apparently - South Carolina - SC Federal Scanner Frequencies and Radio Frequency Reference - approx 75 workers per - 4 wildland engines and 3 dozers per Savannah River - Home

map of fire stations in the county - Aiken SC area - Google My Maps


DOE info

DOE complex extends into 3 counties

Wikimapia - Let's describe the whole world! - wikimapia lists the various reactor areas H Canyon and K Area FPP.pdf - 3 fire stations - 2017 - 3/16/2019 - 8/8/2019 - includes general map - fbi has lab onsite - military has training area - cleanup by 2042

DOE has 2 helos on site - Security Contractor's Helicopter Pilots Respond to Wildfire on Savannah River Site
- do security + ems + fire - possibly based here - AirNav: SC30 - Savannah River Site (Dept of Energy) Heliport - 123.05

DOE security contractor got $3.1M July 2019 - SRS Protective Force Services Contractor Receives ‘Excellent’ Scorecard Rating - not sure how this works - is this a bonus above baseline costs?


Does anyone know where the State Forestry, USFS, and DOE fire stations are located? Neither Google Maps, wikimapia nor openfiremap
have the stations. (Google Maps has a listing for USFS but it is an open field).
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