Air Guard Downlink Frequency - 408.8750 MHz

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Feb 24, 2001
I was down in Bishop yesterday and was lucky enough to hear a radio tech testing a radio that must have for an aircraft. He transmitted on Air Guard (168.6250) several times. I quickly pulled up my federal UHF limit searches and received the Silver Peak downlink on 408.8750. He did not have the dispatcher answer so I did not confirm the uplink. The convention is to have it 9 MHz higher so it should be 417.8750.

Silver Peak is the main remote base for the Inyo NF. Air Guard, the north Forest Net, and the Service Net are all controlled by the remote bases on Silver Peak. I've yet to hear National Flight Following on 168.6500 on the Inyo so it may not be installed here. If I do I will try to figure out the link frequencies for it.

Before narrowbanding quite a few dispatch centers used 415.550 down and 411.55 up to link to their single Air Guard remote base. I'm wondering if 408.8750 and 417.8750 have replaced those. Those of you interested in wildland fire should program your scanners with these frequencies in anticipation of the upcoming fire season. If you pick up Air Guard on them please report back to us. The amount of traffic on Air Guard and National Flight Following is minimal so a large fire might have to be burning near you before you hear it.

If we continue to stay as dry as we are now, hold on to your hats. Here in Mammoth, the Mammoth Pass snow course just passed 25% of seasonal average. Below average snow pack usually results in higher elevation fires. With a big winter last year combined with a lack of rain in the lower elevation the smaller, flashier fuels will be plentiful and dry. Then again it could start snowing and continue into June or we could have an early monsoon with plentiful spring rain.

Whatever happens we only have 24 days to the all important annual snow season measurement date of April 1. This date is the best predictor of runoff from the snow pack and what the water supply forecast is going to be. The snow fall received after that date adds little or nothing to runoff.

We just had a couple days of stormy weather here and received 20 feet of wind and 4" of snow!
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