Akron & Summit Services Talkgroups

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Jul 26, 2003
Canton, OH
On the Summit County MERCS system, what Akron City and Summit County Services Talkgroups have interesting traffic and may be worth programming into my scan list. There are so many talkgroups on this system that I am forced to eliminate some. With the Police and Fire talkgroups that I have programmed, I have only a little room left for others.


Oct 6, 2004
Hi, I don't know how you got yours programmed, but you can start by elminating some of the APD/AFD/Summit SO TG's alot of which go unused or are fairly uninteresting. I'm not an active listener to most of the city services, but from memory, I gave out some of the more active even intersting traffic you might here. I need to reprogram South Summit, so your on your own there. But heres how I got my scanner set up.

1328 053 D CRT-S Court Security
2256 08d D ATG Announcement (All Call) Talkgroup
2352 093 D DISP 1 Dispatch 1
2384 095 D DISP 2 Dispatch 2
2480 09b D C/C1 Car-to-Car
2512 09d D LDS1 Records/Information (It's locked out on my mine because it drowns out everything else, but your call.)
2640 0a5 D DB CM DB Common
2768 0ad D NRC-O DB Narcotics Office
2800 0af D P/TC1 TAC 1
2832 0b1 D P/TC2 TAC 2
2896 0b5 D P/SV1 Supervisor 1
3024 0bd D TFC-1 Traffic 1
3088 0c1 D C/C2 Cat-to-Car 2
3120 0c3 D DB/TAC-1 Detective Bureau
3472 0d9 D Internal Affairs
3568 0df D SWAT-1 SWAT operations
3600 0e1 D SWAT-2 SWAT operations

Akron Fire/EMS Talkgroups
DEC HEX Mode Display Description
3696 0e7 D F DSP 1 Dispatch
3728 0e9 D F CMND Command
3760 0eb D BAT-2 Battalion 2 Talkgroup
3792 0ed D BAT-4 Battalion 4 Talkgroup
3824 0ef D BAT-8 Battalion 8 Talkgroup
3856 0f1 D BAT-9 Battalion 9 Talkgroup
3888 0f3 D Alt Attack (Non Hi-Rise)
3920 0f5 D Hi-Rise Attack
3952 0f7 D Hi-Rise Ops
3984 0f9 E Arson Investigators
4016 0fb D E DSP EMS Dispatch

Akron Citywide Talkgroups
DEC HEX Mode Display Description
4208 107 D S/E1 Special Events 1
49616 c1d A AKR CMN 1 Akron Common 1

Akron Services Talkgroups
DEC HEX Mode Display Description
49904 c2f A Customer Service (2** units)
49968 c33 A Engineering
50064 c39 A Health Department
50096 c3b A Highway Department (2*** units)
50416 c4f A Parks (7** units)
50480 c53 A Sanitation (5** units)
50544 c57 A Sewer Maintenance (3** units)
50576 c59 A Snow & Ice (2*** units)
50608 c5b A Street Cleaning (7** units)

Summit County Sheriffs Office Talkgroups
DEC HEX Mode Display Description
32016 7d1 D S DSP1 Dispatch 1
32048 7d3 D S DSP2 Dispatch 2
32080 7d5 D S DSP3 Dispatch 3
32208 7dd D S TACM Tac Main
32272 7e1 D DB M Detectives Main
32336 7e5 D NARC M Narcotics Main
32368 7e7 E NARC 2 Narcotics 2
32400 7e9 D BOMBM Bomb Squad Main
32464 7ed D SWAT M SWAT Main
32496 7ef D SWAT 2 SWAT 2
32528 7f1 D SSPEV1 Special Events 1
32560 7f3 D SSPEV2 Special Events 2
32592 7f5 D Narcotics

County Fire Departments Talkgroups
DEC HEX Mode Description
34000 84d D Valley Fire Dist (Peninsula) Dispatch
34032 84f D Valley Fire Dist (Peninsula) Fireground 1
34064 851 D Valley Fire Dist (Peninsula) Unknown Use
34384 865 D Norton Fire Dispatch
35408 8a5 D TriComm Fire Dispatch (Tallmadge, Mogadore, Munroe Falls)
35440 8a7 D Tallmadge Fireground 1
35952 8c7 D Mogadore Fireground 2
36304 8dd D Munroe Falls Fireground 2
36336 8df D Munroe Falls Fireground 3
37200 915 D Lakemore Fire Department

County Police Departments Talkgroups
DEC HEX Mode Description
34160 857 D Peninsula Police Department Dispatch
34192 859 D Peninsula Police Departmant Channel 2?
34320 861 D Norton Police Dispatch
35216 899 D TriComm Police Dispatch (Tallmadge, Munroe Falls, Mogadore)
35504 8ab D Tri-Comm Police Car-To-Car
35536 8ad D Tallmadge Police Car-To-Car
35664 8b5 D Tallmadge Police TAC 1
35888 8c3 D Mogadore Police Car-To-Car
36432 8e5 D Munroe Falls Police Car-To-Car
36848 8ff D Springfield Twp Police Ops
36976 907 D Springfield Twp Police Private
37040 90b D Lakemore Police TAC 1
37392 921 D Mogadore Police TAC 1
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Jul 26, 2003
Canton, OH
In the Summit County Services Talkgroups:

1. What is CSB, they have 2 talkgroups?

2. What is EOC, they have 3?

3. What are the three Fire talkgroups on this list used for?


Jan 19, 2001
Planet Earth
EOC is Emergency Operations Center

Which three fire talkgroups?

CSB I think might be Children Services Bureau (the people that yell at parents for disiplining their kids)


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Dec 19, 2002
Akron, OH
Fire 1 thru 3 are RARELY used. The only times they use them are TROT training. They were active a week or so ago when everyone was up north for training.
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