Albany County P25 System Unknown Talkgroup 21381


Dec 6, 2021
I have been monitoring some unknown talk groups in the Albany County P25 system and have come across talkgroup 21381. The talkgroup is broadcasted on the Albany Metro Cell/Simulcast and has a very unique talkgroup because all of the other talkgroup ids start with 1 and this starts with 2 and is the only one that starts with 2. The unit numbers I have heard mentioned are 28, 22, 26. Here’s some of the things I’ve heard:
“28 go ahead”, “standby—-coming up to this older gentleman??”

“28 to all the other units, coming up with anything? 22 negative. 26 negative. Received 28 dispatch, you can clear everybody for now, COA. 17:20”

I’ve uploaded an audio file to this link of talk about a unit bringing a suspect back to the station for processing, so I’m guessing this is something law enforcement related? I’ve heard on this channel. Does anybody know what this talkgroup is for? Why such a different talkgroup id compared to all of the others on the system?

Edit: just heard some more stuff right after I posted this so here’s another link to audio.
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