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Alberta Updates - and Stampede news

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Feb 15, 2002
Bragg Creek, Alberta
Greets all,

I've put some updates into the database for the commercial Motorola-type trunk systems (1222 Nextcom, 6e03 PDL Mobility, and 6904 TAC Mobility). I have put in fleetmaps that are my "guesses" based upon the type II talkgroups I've come across. I cannot guarantee that these are the right fleetmaps - if anyone has any better ideas, please let me know.

Stampede radio activity is apparently quite hot on Stampede sysid 730f, with some other talkgroups in use on 6904 TAC (good eye by the submitter on that one!). Stampede Medical has a radio that has EMS A11 (off 753f) so that the medical crews on the grounds (from both Stampede and Calgary EMS) can summon EMS directly. This runs pretty much during daylight hours, and then (for the balance of the night) they go through conventional methods (i.e. calling 911).

Fire has a Squad (pumper) and a Bush Buggy on site all through Stampede, with additional officials maintaining fire prevention/protection concerns, all day. These crews are also supported by others put in place in strategic locations during the fireworks.
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